♦ Our fish is fresh from local lakes

♦ Our menu has gluten-free options
Ask your server for our choices!
(We are currently producing a gluten-free menu
to provide a comprehensible guide
to the gluten-free options we serve)

♦ We can also customize for diabetic needs

Next to the Craig's Fish, our broasted chicken is one of our most popular meals here, especially during our weekly broasted chicken special.  


People often ask how we prepare our broasted chicken, which is a patented brand and cooking method (, and what makes it different from traditional fried chicken.

Below are some answers to these questions:

 What is Broasting?

"Broasting is a method essentially pressure cooking with deep frying chicken that has been marinated and breaded or coated with seasoned flour. This process is carried out by frying palm sized pieces of chicken first in an open ordinary pressure cooker till a basic crust is formed and frying the rest closing the cooker in a medium flame for 10–12 minutes and releasing the steam completely through the vent, lifting slightly the pressure valve without opening the lid or removing the valve thoroughly, the cooker is then allowed to be cooled and the meat to be cooked further in the latent heat without opening the lid for 4–5 minutes after the pressure release." 


  What is the difference between
Broasted Chicken and Fried Chicken?

Broasted chicken is tender and juicier, and tastes better than open-fried chicken. Pressure frying seals in more of the foods’ natural flavors and seals out more of the oil, [effectively maintaining a crispy outer coating without excess grease].


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