• In January 2006 the National Post listed Tillsonburg as number 75 on the top 100 places to visit in Canada.
  •  ←Annandale House is a Canadian National
      Historic Site since 1997. Built in 1883 by E.D. Tillson,
     Tillsonburg's first mayor. Tillson also built the original Mill   Tales Inn structure in 1878.
  • The town owns the Tillsonburg Special Event Centre located in the Forest Hill industrial park. This facility is the largest of its kind in Southwestern Ontario. The building is over 50,000 square feet (4,600 m2) and can host events from dinners to car shows to exhibitions.
  • The Station Arts Centre with an art gallery and several workshops, features the works of various local artists.
  • Camping is available north of town at Casey's Park located on Highway #19 north of Mount Elgin, which is the home of weekly Country Music Jamborees between Victoria Day and Labour Day, where audience members are encouraged to participate on stage.
  • There are several golf courses in the area including The Bridges
    (formerly Tillsonburg Golf and Country Club)
    which has been expanded to 18-holes.
  • Lake Lisgar, a small lake located in the centre of town, has been rehabilitated and is home to fishing, Tillsonburg Rowing Club and the Lake Lisgar Water Park.
  • Big Otter Creek, which passes through several towns & parks and serves in itself as a recreational attraction for canoeing and fishing.
  • Coyle's Country Store is a unique store which sells fresh roasted nuts, baking supplies, and spices from around the world. It is located 10–15 minutes north of Tillsonburg.

       Entertainment & Recreation

 Tillsonburg has a number of seasonal festivities that occur annually, some dating back over 100 years!
One summer tradition is the local fair, which has been
a popular function since 1854, before Tillsonburg was even established as a town! 

For information on this year's Summer Fair, see the official site:  
Tillsonburg Fair
  • The town has many ravines throughout and a new community trail system is under construction which is scheduled to be completed and opened to the public in 2009.
  • Curling is available at the Tillsonburg and District Curling Club.
  • Golf is available in and near town with several courses, both 9 and 18 holes.
  • Lake Lisgar is home to the Lake Lisgar Water Park which is open from Father's Day to Labour Day.
  • The Tillsonburg Senior's Centre, located at the Tillsonburg Community Centre Complex, offers more than 2 dozen activities including a woodworking shop, aerobics, handcrafts, a library, card playing including a bridge club and seasonal activities.
  • The Tillsonburg Soccer Park is one of the best such facilities anywhere in Ontario, with a land area of 14 acres (57,000 m2). Opened in 2000, this facility draws regional tournaments and players from across the region. The park also includes a full clubhouse with meeting and catering facilities.
  • Winter tobagganing is available at the Tillsonburg Golf and Country Club.
  • Area 51 Sportsfield [1] has a large 60 acre (243,000 m²) paintball field which offers private games for patrons aged 12 and up.
  • The new Official Tillsonburg Skate park is located in front of the
    Community Centre.
  • Pro Wrestling Xtreme [2] has been running monthly professional wrestling events at the Lions Auditorium since September 2004.
  • Broadway Cinemas - Tillsonburg

                                           Check out Tillsonburg's 
                               Recreation & Leisure Guide
                                      for more information

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Timeless Tillsonburg

The town of Tillsonburg itself is rich with history and nostalgic tidbits hiding around every corner. Settled around the town you'll find original building structures still standing dating back to the 1800's. Most of the historical buildings go unnoticed as they are nestled and integrated into the modern developments of the town. Many have been renovated to operate businesses or house residents. A few special locations, such as those built buy the town's founder E.D. Tilson, that have been preserved in their prime and are converted into museums or at the least, still maintain the majority of their original, antique elements.

All nature is historic in it's longevity, but Tillsonburg is proud to share their town with the wildlife and the trees that made this land home before we did. Some trees in town are aged over 100 years old and still stand.

"I've heard [an age] range," said Rick Cox, Director of Recreation, Culture and Parks in Tillsonburg. "We don't know for sure but we're guessing closer to 200 than 150, and maybe even greater than 200. So definitely older than Canada and older than the town, but we're not sure exactly. Certainly one of the oldest on our public lands... and they are both similar age."

Historic photographs from local photographers prove the lengthy presence of some trees in town. Many are located by Tillsonburg's man-made lake, created in 1852, previously known as Hardy's Mill Pond, before being renamed in the 1870's.

For those who seek the quiet origins of a town humming with historical echoes, this is an interesting and humble place to take a tour. 

 Tillsonburg hides it's age well, but if you're looking for it you'll spot the signs of age around this small town. Much like the crow's feet and laugh lines on aged skin, you will see the signs of a life lived well.

Information sourced from Tillsonburg News Article

  For more information on Tillsonburg, the home of

the Mill Tales Inn, feel free to visit the official town website  
       Information sourced from,_Ontario